To use various aspects of football like, decision building and team building - as a medium to teach life skills values to enable, active citizenship to:-

1. Make the youth & children aware of their right and also their responsibility.
2. Develop positive attitude in Youth & Children thought sports.

A world that enables young people to become role models using the medium of sports.

Oscar will mobilize communities by using sports for positive social change and take active roles in various initiatives of the community.


• To discover, develop, promote and maintain the talents of young sport players in Oscar.

• To guide and supervise the sport teams and sport individuals of the club.

• To develop talented athletes.

• To encourage young talent and to nurture their advance training.

Next Implementing steps 
1. To deliver life skills through sports we are holding football practices every weekend.

2. Participating football matches with other NGO or clubs to build a competitive
    learning.We also planning to inter community football matches.

3. We are providing free classes to school dropout youths & school going children.

4. We are also working on reducing child marriage in our community by spreading
    awareness through street play, stage shows on child marriage.
Current STATUS
• Oscar was started in 2006, with 18 children. The number of children has risen to100.

• The children are divided into 4 groups on different age groups and then the player rank-ings, who are given extra practice and then represent Oscar in tournaments .

• Football sessions are held three times a week, twice for the elder group and once for the younger. The sessions, which use sports as a means to tackle community issues, imparts life-skills such as the importance of education, decision making, hygiene, and raise awareness on child marriage, the environment etc.

• There are a number of activities that are taken up such as:

o Education classes

o Computer Classes

o Parents meetings

o Cultural events

o Day trips

o Outdoor camps

o Dance classes

o Street play

o Community events

o Friendly football matches and tournaments

o Career guidance